Since 1985, IOS Consulting Group has demonstrated practical experience in clarifying business requirements and priorities, designing practical solutions, deploying/maintaining robust systems and supporting stakeholders and staff.

Project Managment

IOS Group's aim is to meet and exceed your objectives. To ensure success with your software, systems and staff -- diligent project management is a critical success factor.

01   Your Objectives and Systems Analysis

Years of real-world experience enables us to clarify your business objectives, review your existing systems & staff skills, then set out your requirements for an optimal comprehensive solution.  
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02   Strategy Selection, Solution Design and Planning

First, we develop the best approach to achieve your objectives. Then, we design and plan your total solution -- minimizing costs and disruptions -- maximizing timely operational results & flexibility.

03   Expert Implementation, Deployment and Training

Experienced information technology professionals implement your designs to build system capabilities, integrate, test and deploy your solution. Your people are trained. Guides are authored.

04   Ongoing Support and Optimization

Proactively and on demand, your systems and staff are supported to serve your business operations. Our flexible designs accomodate changes and upgrades over time. Your return on investment is optimized.

Professional Services

Set up of systems and procedures specific to individual company requirements
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  • Review of systems and procedures to maximize system capabilities.
  • Planning and supervising of the conversion of existing systems to Adagio - your staff does the data entry.
  • Training of staff to use Adagio effectively.
  • Writing specification documents and creating customized reports.
  • Where practical, all work is done in our office to avoid work disruptions in your offices.
  • Supervising the first month-end routine.
  • Setting up effective back-up routines as integrated menu choices.
  • Telephone & Remote support.
Ongoing technical assistance (click to display more)
  • Technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Custom report design.
  • Software upgrades for Adagio and add-on products.
  • Workstation upgrades for newer Windows operating system versions.
  • Independent external IT/MIS facilitation services that provide clients with liaison, support and supervision of Network or Server upgrades with comprehensive technical assistance throughout the process.
  • Paper flow review, its documentation, and suggestions for improvements (Process re-engineering).

At IOS, we conduct business straight-up, our clients are only invoiced for the actual time we spend providing our services, on an as needed basis. (We do NOT require clients to commit to monthly, annual, or fixed fee support agreements and firmly believe that value-based billing is never in the best interest of the client.

Our current consulting rates ranges from $120 - $180 per hour and are billed in 5 minute increments with travel time charged at half rate.
Test / Prototype Installations to verify the solution (click to display more)
Test / Prototype installations are used as an overview of large systems to confirm that Adagio is a proper fit. It may include setting up of test database on your server so the software can be reviewed in your office, on your time frame.

This process is equivalent to test driving the systems before implementation is actually done.
Online Training to satisfy the needs of your business -- using your data, setup and setting. (click to display more)
  • Training at your office, or interactively online.
  • Training your staff to use the software effectively.
  • Writing specification documents and creating customized reports.
  • Supervising the month-end routine.
  • Record and/or write up Adagio procedures for training and reminders.
"Kerry of IOS Group proposed an inovative automation solution, built it, deployed it and continues to support our staff. Return on our investment of time and money has exceeded our expectations. Thank you."
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Services IOS Group Excell At --
That Set Us Apart

  • Paper Flow Analysis, Accounting Strategy and Planning, Design Consulting and System Review.
  • Comprehensive Outsourced-System Management -- support of Third Party IT Vendor Services, including Installation, Configuration, Connectivity, Upgrades, other System related activities.
  • End to End Project co-ordination and Management.

Services by Accouting Module

Adagio accounting and operations management software, plus add-ons and sub-systems, represent an integrated suite of flexible modules.

Legacy ACCPAC modules are also supported.

Following is a list of some of the more popular services provided by IOS Group.

General Ledger (GL)

  • Create/maintain company dataset
  • Journal Entries
  • Screen Inquiries
  • Budgets
  • Archiving
  • Month end procedures
  • Year end procedures
  • Reports

Accounts Payable (AP)

  • Define the company options
  • Integrate with General Ledger
  • Defining vendor terms and distribution codes
  • Maintaining vendor information
  • Screen Inquiries
  • Routine processing of vendor invoices and credit notes
  • Manually prepared cheques
  • System cheque run
  • Month end procedures
  • Year end procedures
  • Reports

Accounts Receivable (AR)

  • Define the company options
  • Integrate with General Ledger
  • Defining billing cycles and salespersons
  • Defining customer terms and distribution codes
  • Maintaining customer information
  • Screen Inquiries
  • Routine processing of manually prepared invoices
  • Processing deposit slips
  • Month end procedures
  • Year end procedures
  • Printing reports

Inventory Control (IC)

  • Setting up inventory
  • Processing of Receipts and Shipments
  • Transfers, Assemblies and Adjustments
  • Day End Processing
  • Periodic processing
  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Printing reports
  • Screen queries
  • Integrate with General Ledger

Order Entry (OE)

  • Setting up Order Entry
  • Routine processing of Order Types
  • Processing of Invoices
  • Processing of Returns and Credit Notes
  • Printing reports
  • Integrate with Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
  • On screen inquiries

GridView and Report Writer

  • Custom database queries – including filters and sorting.
  • Report layout to suite your unique requirements.
  • Data export to Excel

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