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March 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Mr. Kerry Gullins and 105 Consulting Group Inc.

Richform has been fortunate in having the support of Kerry and the IOS Consulting group for more than twenty years. I would heartily recommend Kerry and IOS Consulting to any business using the Adagio and/or ACCPAC suite of products.

In recent years Kerry has supported Richform through:
• Software conversion from ACCPAC for DOS to Adagio for Windows
• Selection of a new hardware support company and subsequent hardware conversion with a server upgrade that permitted remote support and remote access for users
• Providing remote troubleshooting and training for users
• Maintaining a DOS rental application long beyond its life expectancy
• GST/HST conversion within the Adagio and DOS modules
• Liaison with our internet service provider leading to a positive change in speed and reliability

Kerry's support is certainly beyond my expectations. His technical knowledge is in­ depth in both the software and hardware spheres, yet he can converse with non­ technical staff in a manner that they understand. He is always professional in his approach, and is readily available when we have issues.

I have particularly appreciated Kerry's knowledge of hardware and operating systems when we deal with our hardware support company. At times I am out of my depth in terms of understanding, but know that Kerry will advocate what is best and most cost-effective for Richform's situation. The same holds true with software support. In short, we know Kerry ensures we understand enough to
make informed business decisions and capital investments.

In the past year, with our software upgrades in hiatus, we have had only a couple of issues that needed his trouble-shooting abilities. This reflects his approach of ensuring there are fail-safe procedures in place to minimize downtime.

Richform's relationship with Kerry and IOS is founded on trust. Based on our past experience with him, we trust his solutions are thorough, pragmatic, long-lasting and cost-effective. In turn, he can trust that when he leaves us a 'to do' list of next steps, we complete them, or communicate any road blocks.

Prior to my joining Richform in 2007 there was a brief change in software
consultants when Richform's ownership changed. I worked for a few months with the other consultant and can say that the difference between IOS Consulting Support and the other company was like night and day. In hindsight, had we not been able to re-engage IOS Consulting our software would not be running as effectively as it does and we would have spent thousands of dollars on on-site support instead of remote access. Kerry has also been able to provide 'life support' for an obsolete rental application written for DOS in the 1980's that Richform still uses. I doubt that any other consultant would touch this nor have the background to support.

While I have only worked with Kerry for four years, I have been involved in accounting systems and liaison with support personnel for four decades. When I compare Kerry's approach and capabilities, and the resources IOS Consulting Group has, to other similar organizations, Kerry and IOS are at the top of my list.

Sincerely yours,

Richform Construction Supply Co. Ltd.

Anne Patterson

cc: Brad Bond, President

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