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February 27, 2009


To whom it may concern

I purchased ACCPAC for windows in October 2006. Unfortunately the company that installed the program did a poor job and the program was unusable. I then hired a 2" local accpac consultant to
finish the job but unfortunately the setup of the Accpac programs was very cumbersome to use and apply
to our business. I explained this to the 2" accpac consultant and she was not able to improve the
program performance even with the help of ACCPAC support.

We then asked Mr. Gullins of IOS Consulting Group to help get things corrected. When it was suggested that a large part of the work would be done by one of their consultants located in Nova Scotia. I was very reluctant to work with an accpac consultant from Nova Scotia since our business is located in Vancouver, BC. Mr. Cullins assured me that their consultant, Mr. Dunn, was very capable of completing the job without ever coming into our office.

105 Consulting Croup transformed Accpac into a program that works well for our company. Mr. Dunn would call me at an arranged time. He would then log into my computer and I would watch him work. I personally found this way more favorable to having a consultant come into the office as I did not have to
pay for travel ime plus have to look over their shoulder to see the computer. If he had to work on the
server he could work when our office was closed since he is in a different time zone.

I have complete confidence in [OS Consulting Group and Mr. Cullins as a Project manager due his ability to stay on top of the details and extensive knowledge along with his support contacts who have proved to be very reliable and knowledgeable

I would not hesitate to refer I0S Consulting Group. Mr. Gullins or Mr. Dunn for any ACCPAC for
windows installation.

Hamilton Machining & Fabricating Ltd.


JoAnne Porter


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