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December 28, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of referral for Mr. Kerry Gullins and his team at IOS Consulting Group.

IOS has been providing the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) with AccPac Plus support since July 1996. In May 2006, we began the process of converting to Adagio, a windows-based product, and IOS is now supporting both of these software platforms for us.

Over the years, we have presented IOS with numerous challenging problems. They have been able to resolve each issue in a professional and timely manner, have kept us operational in untenable situations, and on many occasions provided a level of service well beyond their scope of providing AccPac/Adagio support.

For instance, due to the improper set-up of our accounting department's computers and network by another consulting firm, we had continual accounting data corruption errors. IOS kept us running during that period, showed up as needed to rectify errors, and worked well past midnight on more than one occasion. Although IOS did not support our hardware or network, Mr. Gullins suggested improvements that would alleviate the conflicts responsible for these errors. Once we implemented these recommendations, the errors ceased and we saw a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of our accounting systems with a corresponding decrease in the department's workload.

As a non-profit organization, BCSTA has limited funds. IOS is conscientious of that fact, and works to provide an appropriate level of service. This has manifested itself in a number of ways:

• On occasions when software support is required, IOS takes the time to show me and my staff how to streamline procedures, and provides us with tips, shortcuts, and other training to enable us to become more self-sufficient.

• Mr. Gullins works to resolve a problem, but does not implement any needed corrections himself ifwe are able to do so.

• Mr. Gullins invests countless hours researching his products to ensure that his team can provide top-quality support. As a result, his clients are not paying for them to learn "on the job."

• Mr. Gullins only recommends products that he believes will be beneficial to our
• Mr. Gullins has been able to negotiate reduced rates on our behalf with software
providers, and has also been able to negotiate refunds where I have been unsuccessful in
doing so.
• IOS is continually finding ways to improve their level of customer support. For instance,
with the addition of remote access software to our accounting system, the need for in­
person consultations, and the costs associated with them, has been greatly reduced.
Additional benefits result from having better access to support when the need arises, and
from having an effective training tool at our disposal.
In short, Mr. Gullins understands what we do, how we do it, and therefore, the best way to
proceed on any given project or problem. His work is thorough and methodical; he never takes
short cuts; and always ensures that his work is properly backed up and documented, and that our
data is secure. Mr. Gullins is knowledgeable, reliable, conscientious, and innovative, and has
proven to be so over the long-term.
I would therefore recommend, without reservation, Mr. Kerry Gullins and his team at IOS
Consulting Group.


Jodi Olstead, CGA, BAccSc
Manager, Finance &


July 29, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Reference Letter for IOS Consulting Group of Assessment

I have prepared this letter of reference on behalf of Kerry Gullins of IOS Consulting Group. Our
Association has used the services of IOS Consulting since 1996 to support our accounting
software. Initially, BCSTA used AccPac Plus, which was a DOS product, then transitioned to
Adagio when we made the switch to a Windows-based environment. Kerry Gullins aided with
the transition and has supported us in our use of Adagio ever since.

During the time I have worked with Kerry Gullins I have found him to be professional,
respectful, highly responsive to requests for support, and proactive with regard to our user needs.

Kerry has made numerous recommendations over the years that we have implemented and that
have streamlined processes and improved the performance of our department, With the
implementation of Adagio FX, sharing of financial information with each of our departments has
been greatly improved. Kerry also helped us transition from a paper-based system to an
electronic or paperless system. In addition to more efficient processes that reduced staff time
required to complete them, we also reduced costs for paper, toner, postage, and physical cheques.

Where an Adagio product is not in the best interests of Association, Kerry Gullins recommends
that it not be purchased, which is to his disadvantage financially. In other words, Kerry Gullins
keeps the needs of his clients as his priority. It is a matter of personal integrity and I have been
able to count on Kerry’s honesty year after year.

In summary, the services provided by Kerry Gullins of IOS Consulting Group Inc. are of the
highest possible quality and his concern for client needs, including the need for timely support, is

I hold the services of Kerry Gullins and IOS Consulting Group Inc. in high regard, have relied
upon these services for many years, and have no reservations providing this letter of

Best regards,

Jodi Olstead, CPA CGA
Director, Finance & Human Resources

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