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A sampling of Business Solutions - Designed & Deployed by IOS Group

The critical success factors for going live with new information technology and automation systems -- IOS Group's four-step process:
    (1) Clarify Business Objectives & Systems Analysis
    (2) Strategy Selection & Solution Design
    (3) Exert Implementation (Build) & Training
    (4) Ongoing Support & Optimization
The following list is only a sampling of business solutions provided by IOS Group.
Affordable E-Commerce     (click to see details)
Working with Virtual Vendor we linked into an existing website a newly set up catalog connected to ACCPAC Plus IC, AR and OE data. We were able to implement for wholesale customer ACCPAC rules around product pricing (A-E and Base level customer) and special promotions based on customer login, as well as a generic access for retail customers.
Price List Publishing     (click to see details)
Our client required a means to frequently publish DTP quality price lists for individual customers. Client was having to import from IC into Excel and format the price list each time a new version was issued. Using Report Master and Dictionary Manager (in conjunction with the ODBC driver) we created new external product category headings that help structure the price list in a clearly readable layout. This process saves hours of formatting each time a price list is published.
Sales Projections Reporting
Our client needed to report projected and actual sales for a group of targeted products for several major accounts. Each product price and quantity is projected and tracked monthly. Using Dictionary Manager and Report Master we created a system that allows the client to set the projected sales and report on them monthly or quarterly, comparing current, projected, and last year's figures. This system eliminated a lengthy spreadsheet importing and formatting process.
Grocery Delivery Management
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Our client brought us in after they already failed twice in creating a working system (Custom software development project). In this high volume production environment with telemarketing representatives setting up customers for weekly, biweekly or custom deliveries of standard standing orders with automatic deletions and additions, scheduling routes for delivery trucks, tracking deposits on returnable items, tracking payments and credits, product price adjustments and exchanges we used Contact Master to track customer tracking issues, and Report Master with a Basic custom program to generate picking slips for the production department. These picking slips were arranged in the route order for each truck, with each item listed in the picking order for the assembly. Each week a standard order was created from which all standing exceptions were removed for each client, and standard and custom additions were added.
ECO Fees and Deposit Calculations
Our client is required to calculate ECO charges based on the volume of the container, and the type of product in the container. Working with ACCPAC tax tables we were able to set up correct calculations to these taxes, and using Softrak's Quick Reports we created a report that delivers the monthly submission sheet with a few mouse clicks.
Laser Forms Printing
Our client requested that forms including Invoice, Picking Slip, Quotation, and Purchase Order be printed on laser printer. We redesigned these forms, modified specification documents and implemented LaserCheck.
Invoice Faxing
Using Fabsoft's Reform we were able to format invoices for laser printing, using multiple copies feature, to print on plain paper. The invoices are faxed to customers using WinFax for low volume and Castelle FaxPress for high volume usage from a workstation that serves the entire Local Area Network.
Remote Office Access
Our client has multiple locations. They were running separate data sets for each of the physical locations. With our partner ECL Computing we have implemented Windows 2000 Terminal and enabled remote access over the Internet. Centralized reporting and better management control were the immediate benefits.
Construction Project Accounting
We set up Job Costing and Payroll to match all contract requirements, and helped configure AP and AR to correctly integrate into GL. This implementation was a conversion from Solomon accounting and we imported all customer and vendor data without re-keying.
Automatic Debit Bank Submission
Our client requested that we create a process that will automatically generate a file formatted to a specification their bank provided that will create a submission to bill specific customers for authorized recurring charges. Using Quick Reports we have matched the specification and automated the process.
Multiple Format Invoices
Our client has been using a word processor and a spreadsheet to create invoices of varying formats to bill for their services and products. Using Adagio Invoices we have duplicated these formats and greatly simplified the repetitive process. Much less re-typing is now required to create monthly billing.
Switch Home Currency in a Multi-Currency Environment
Our client originally set up their home currency to match their head office based in the USA. The Canadian operation eventually needed to start reporting in Canadian currency to comply with regulations. Several consultants and experts were contacted and agreed that this could not be done. Using ODBC, Excel and Access we recalculated all the values in both current and historic records of AR, AP, IC and JC. We started a new GL data set for the next fiscal year and imported the correct opening balances. The conversion was carried out over a weekend with no downtime in the production environment.
Set up Factoring Business with Multiple AR Sets
Our client operates a factoring business, which requires that each customer's AR data be handled separately, yet GL records are consolidated in the same data set. Our solution includes an automated process to set up each new customer as a department in the GL, and as a separate AR data set. Using Report Master we were able to create customized reporting for the financial partners that underwrite the factored invoices. Using AR Statements processing we created a system for tracking and calculating interest and principal for debentures that our client issued to various investors.
"Once the procedures were all documented, in place and implemented, our accounting software has since run nearly flawlessly, resulting in literally years between service calls.

Kerry, of IOS Group, is extremely knowledgeable of every aspect relating to our accounting program and is articulate in training and explaining the importance of each procedure.

Kerry Gullins is a solid businessperson; is very thorough and treats you fairly. He has earned our highest level of respect."
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